Eduardo Camponogara

eduardo Eduardo Camponogara received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000. He is a professor in the Automation and Systems Engineering Department, where he is performing research in mathematical optimization, distributed control and their applications in energy, oil production, and transportation systems.


  • Marco Aurélio Schmitz de Aguiar, “Distributed optimal control of DAE systems,” since 2016.
  • Eduardo Hulse, “Modeling and control of bus rapid transit systems with bottleneck constraints”, since 2018.
  • Alireza Olama, “Distributed cardinality constrained mathematical optimization for learning and control,” since 2019.
  • Luis Nazari, “Modeling and optimal control of water rivers and reservoirs for flood mitigation,” since 2019.
  • Jean Jordanou, “Data-driven modeling and control of large scale dynamic systems,” since 2019.


  • Leandro Rocha, “Linear relaxations for mixed-integer bilinear programs: algorithms, models and applications to the operational management of crude oil supply,” since 2019.
  • Carlos Luguesi, “Proxy models and derivative-free optimization of gas networks,” since 2019.
  • Amanda Machado, “Model-based derivative-free optimization of uncertain simulated functions”, since 2020.
  • Robson dos Santos Júnior. “Modeling and control of differential-algebraic equations using physics-informed neural networks,” since 2020.


  • Eduardo Rehbein, “Physics-informed neural networks for dynamic control,” since 2019


  • Leonardo Salsano de Assis. “Operational management of crude oil supply: models and solution strategies,” 2020. Now at Aurubis, Germany.
  • Caio Merlini Giuliani. “Contributions to derivative-free optimization: an exact penalty method and decompositions for distributed control.” 2019.
  • Thiago Lima Silva. “Contributions to modeling and optimization of oil production systems,” 2017. Now at NTNU, Norway.
  • Vinicius Ramos Rosa, “Design and optimization of oilfied subsa infrastructures with manifold placement and pipeline layout,” 2016. Now at Petrobras
  • Ríad Mattos Nassiffe, “Frameworks for real-time systems reconfiguration with QoS, under energy and temperature constraints,” 2015. Now at IFC.
  • Helton Fernarndo Scherer, “Distributed MPC of dynamic networks: interior-point algorithm and applications,” 2014. Now at Itaipu Technology Center.
  • Marcelo Lopes de Lima, “Distributed satisficing MPC,” 2013. Now at Petrobras Research Center.


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  • “Distributed Optimal Control: Frameworks and Recent Developments,” IBM Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, January 2017.


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